Product Line

Virginia Dental Laboratory offers a complete range of products and services.

  • Ivo Cap injection Denture
  • 199 Denture
    • Vitallium 2000 Plus Cast Partial
    • Vitallium 2000 Plus Cast Partial Complete
      (All Inclusive)
    • TCS Flexible Partial
    • Standard Acrylic Partial
      (wrought wire clasps)
    Reline / Repair
    • Simple relines or repairs (same day service available in limited area)
    • Welds
    • Complex repairs
    • Silicone soft reline

    • Implant Ti Complete
      Includes Titanium Abutment and Noble Crown
    • Implant Zi Complete
      Includes Zirconia Abutment and Zirconia Crown
    • *Flat Fee
      *We work with all implant systems on the market today.




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    Fixed Prosthetics
    • Custom PFM: multi layered porcelain
      to Semi or High noble alloy
    • Standard PFM: One layer shofu porcelain to metal
      Non-Precious or Semi-Precious alloy
    • Basic PFM: No layering - shofu one shot porcelain
      to Non-Precious alloy
    • *Alloy of your choice available at an additional charge
      *All inclusive pricing available upon request
    Metal Free Restorations
    • Full Contour Zirconia
    • Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (Layered)
    • e.Max Restorations
    • e.Max Veneers
    • Lava
    Additional Products
    • Full Cast Crowns, 3/4 Crown, Inlay/Onlay


    Specialty Products and Services
    • Diagnostic wax ups
    • Custom shading
    • Chair side assistance


    Sleep Appliances
    • Silent night
    • Somnomed
    • EMA
    • Tap III
    • Narval CC (Sleep Apnea)


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